Since 2008, Projeto Serioso has provided special opportunities for in-depth study of masterpieces from the string quartet repertoire. This year there will be no group playing because of COVID-19. But we will compensate by focusing on a variety of repertoire from different periods. As always, we will “dig deep” into the music’s motivation, including historical and theoretical influences.

16 string players will be chosen to be online “performers” – 8 violins, 4 violas, and 4 cellos. They will receive detailed instruction on their individual quartet parts. They will also learn how to speak effectively to audiences about the music. In addition, an unlimited number of “auditors” can observe these classes online.

Projeto Serioso 2021 will take fuller advantage of the specialized knowledge and experience of its two professors, Richard Young (violist of the Vermeer Quartet) and Richard Roberts (concertmaster of the Montreal Symphony). The following questions will be addressed… How do professional quartet players approach things similarly and differently from orchestra players? What specific preparation is necessary for pursuing professional opportunities in each of these areas?


January 20: Shostakovich

Quartet #8, Op. 110
Quartet #10, Op. 118


January 21: Mozart

Quartet in D minor, K. 421
Quartet in C, K. 465 (“Dissonance”)


January 22: Janáček

Quartet #1 (“Kreutzer Sonata”)
Quartet #2 (“Intimate Letters”)


January 23 Impressionism

Debussy quartet
Ravel quartet


January 25 Dvořák / Brahms

Dvořák Op. 96 (“American”)
Brahms A minor, Op. 51 #2


January 26 Beethoven

Op. 18 #1 (2nd movement)
Op. 59 #3 (4th movement)


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