Rules for Enrollment



The 17th Santa Catarina Music Festival – FEMUSC 2022 –  from January 16th to 29th, 2022 in Jaraguá do Sul, SC – Brazil.


1.1 To register for FEMUSC 2022, the candidate must access the website, in the ENROLLMENT menu, where the candidate will have all the guidelines on how to proceed to register, as well as the necessary information for the filling in the application and the vacancies and programs available;

1.2 Registration for FEMUSC 2022 will start on November 22, 2021, at 12:00 (Brasilia time) and will close on December 10, 2021, at 23:59 (Brasilia time);

1.3 Before making the registration, carefully read the instructions in the submenu “HOW TO REGISTER”

1.4 The disclosure of the LIST OF SELECTED IN THE FIRST CALL FOR ENROLLMENT will be published on December 15, 2021, on the website, in a prominent place. FEMUSC will not communicate the effective selection via e-mail. It is the candidate’s sole responsibility to verify that his/her name is on the LIST OF SELECTED ENROLLMENT and proceed with it, as instructed in item 2 below;

1.5 If there are remaining vacancies for some instrument/program, FEMUSC will open new applications from December 15, 2021.


Participants registered and included in the List of Selected to enroll, must pay the enrollment fee, according to the payment options below.

2.1 Values

* BOLETO BANCÁRIO: R$ 200.00 (registration fee) + R$ 5.00 (bank fee for issuing a bank slip) – Total amount for payment via Boleto Bancário: R$ 205.00. Option available only to participants residing in Brazil*;

* PAYPAL: R$ 200.00 (registration fee) + R$ 16.00 (Paypal administrative fee) * – Total amount for payment via Paypal: R$ 216.00. Option available to everyone.


a) If the candidate’s name is on the LIST OF CONFIRMED FOR ENROLLMENT published on the FEMUSC official website, on December 15, 2021, he must follow and observe the instructions and deadlines established to carry out the same. Selected candidates who do not make their Enrollments and the payment is due until 12/22/2021, will be automatically disqualified, giving the opportunity to another candidate on the Waiting List;

b) All instructions for the ENROLLMENT procedure will be available from December 15, 2021, on the FEMUSC official website;

c) Enrollments will only be accepted upon acceptance and agreement with all the terms of the Enrollment Regulation, which will be available in the enrollment system itself when it becomes effective, valid as an adhesion contract;

d) Enrollment for FEMUSC 2022 does not include transfers and direct transport for students. The cost of transportation to FEMUSC and return is the student’s responsibility. FEMUSC is only responsible for internal transport, CAMPUS-HOSTING-INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL PRESENTATIONS.


Enrollments may be canceled by the participant, observing the following refund rule:

a) Cancellations made until 12/22/2021: 50% refund of the registration fee;

b) Cancellations or withdrawals from 12/22/2021 will not be entitled to a refund of the registration fee.

c) FEMUSC will return the percentages of the enrollment fee to dropouts within 10 working days, after the festival. The return will be through a bank deposit in a checking or savings account, to be provided by the dropout, or by passing this in person, with a document, at the entity’s secretariat during the event, that is, from 01/16/2022.


5.1 Participants must come to Jaraguá do Sul, SC, at their own expense, and bear all their cost and maintenance expenses for the musical instruments used, and such expenses cannot be charged to the companies/organizing bodies of FEMUSC;

5.2 All participants must register in person, carrying the same document with photo whose number was inserted in their registration form. Participants who present themselves with another document, or who do not have the same document in their hands, will not be able to register and will not be able to participate in FEMUSC.

5.3 Participants must register:

The. Between 8:00 am on January 15th and 1:00 pm on January 16th, 2022. Participants who are not registered by 1:00 pm on January 16th, 2022 will have their registrations canceled, there will be no possibility of resorting to this cancellation of registration, and there will be no refund of the registration fee.


6.1 Participants must remain in Jaraguá do Sul until the end of the FEMUSC activities (Great Closing Concert) on January 29, 2022, scheduled for 8 pm, with a scheduled closing date at 10 pm. Participants who are absent from FEMUSC activities without prior authorization from the FEMUSC administration will have their enrollment canceled and will not be entitled to receive the Participation Certificate.

6.2 Participants must be present in all educational and artistic activities for which FEMUSC has determined their presence. Participants with scheduling conflicts or unable to participate in any class, concert, or other activity must notify FEMUSC as soon as possible, explaining the nature of the conflict, and offering their suggestion on how the conflict can be resolved. FEMUSC will analyze the request and decide if the conflict deserves any adjustment or exception, or if the participant’s absence will be reason for the cancellation of the enrollment and also of his Participation Certificate.

6.3 If the conflict is known before payment of the tuition fee, FEMUSC recommends that the candidate cancel his/her application, thus offering his/her place to a candidate currently on the waiting list. Participants who miss any FEMUSC activity due to a conflict that was known to them since before their registration was confirmed with the payment of the registration fee will have their registration immediately canceled, without the right to reimbursement of the registration fee, they will not receive their Certificate of Participation, and will be immediately excluded from all FEMUSC classes, concerts and activities.

6.4 Fulfilling the criteria of attendance, performance and conduct, the participant will be entitled to a Certificate of Participation with details of classes, teachers, projects and workload. The Certificate will be sent in electronic format (email) to the participant.


7.1 Participants under the age of 18 or who turn 18 years of age on or after January 16, 2022, must send by email, an authorization signed and notarized by one of their parents or guardian, giving permission to the participant to enroll and participate in FEMUSC 2022 in all its activities. This authorization will be available on file, in the FEMUSC enrollment system, only for those who appear on the List of Selected to enroll. Failure to receive this authorization during the period established for the payment of the registration fee will result in the cancellation of the registration of the minor participant and their place will be handed over to the next person on the waiting list. Important: The original authorization must be brought in by the participant and presented together with his documentation when he registers in person at Femusc, by January 16, 2022. Participants who do not bring this original authorization will not be able to register at FEMUSC, and will have their enrollment cancelled.


8.1 The participant must attend all rehearsals and concerts, orchestral or chamber music, as well as instrument classes and master classes scheduled by FEMUSC, which may take place on the main stages located at the SCAR Cultural Center or on alternative stages to be defined by the organization;

8.2 The participant must study their parts, previously, and come prepared for all rehearsals, concerts and classes that count with their presence and participation;

8.3 The participant must live with their colleagues and teachers in an atmosphere of harmony and mutual support;

8.4 The Programming is the sole responsibility of FEMUSC and changes may occur, without prior notice;

8.5 Teachers may be excluded or added without prior notice, as well as may be authorized to temporarily leave their teaching activities, at the discretion of FEMUSC;

8.6 FEMUSC is not responsible for the consequences arising from any changes.


9.1 No participant may invite people who are not connected to FEMUSC to participate in classes, chamber music classes, concerts, meals, without the express authorization of FEMUSC. The withdrawal of a ticket by a person to attend a concert, constitutes only an authorization from FEMUSC so that he can attend that specific presentation, not characterizing authorization to attend classrooms, backstage presentations, etc. To do so, if necessary, the interested party must contact the FEMUSC Secretariat to obtain proper authorization.

9.2 The facilities of SCAR, Católica de Santa Catarina and other pedagogical spaces on the FEMUSC campus will be available only to FEMUSC participants, professors and administration. No participant may bring a guest to these spaces who is not involved in FEMUSC activities;

9.3 Participants who disrespect these rules, as well as other common sense rules regarding good behavior and cooperation among all members of the FEMUSC family, may be expelled, at the discretion of FEMUSC;

9.4 The spaces intended for Classes must be respected for this purpose, participants will not be allowed access to the administrative areas of the teaching venues, as well as the use of sleeping and/or recreation spaces will not be allowed.


10.1 Participation in FEMUSC implies the free transfer to the festival organization of all its voice, sound and image rights, which may be captured by FEMUSC or by third parties on its behalf, for inclusion in any type of material support today or in the future existing ones, and FEMUSC may dispose of them, as well as their extracts, excerpts or parts, giving them any use (unpaid), for example, adapting it for the production of audiovisual works, for display through screen projection in collective frequency houses or in public places, with or without paid admission, transmit it via radio and/or television of any kind (open television or pay television, through all existing forms of signal transport, for example UHF, VHF, cable, MMDS and satellite), adapting it to any format, serving advertising, as well as fixing it on any type of material support, such as cinematographic films of any bit hello, CD, CD ROM CD-I (interactive compact-disc), home video, DAT (digital audio tape), DVD (digital video disc) and computer graphics supports in general, store it in a database, disseminate it. it via the Internet, via cell phone, including for downloads, wap, sms, assign the copyright on the work produced to third parties, for any kind of use (unpaid), use excerpts or extracts from them.

10.2 The participant, from now on, authorizes the use of his/her name, artistic presentations, images and voice, as well as grants, free of charge, the copyright on the submitted works, classes, presentations, concerts, in short, on all produced material during the event, allowing the use of these, without any time limitation, for example, but not limited to photos, posters, films, spots, in any media used by the FEMUSC organization for its Marketing campaigns, including, but not limited to, limited to television media, newspapers, magazines, billboards and/or digital transmission media (internet, Youtube, among others), with or without a provider, including assigning these rights to third parties.


11.1 Participants will be responsible for their accommodation, in a double or single apartment, and may choose from the list that will be made available along with the list of selected ones with promotional values ​​for FEMUSC, they must also respect the following rules:

a) Participants who are minors must be authorized by the person responsible to make their reservation;

b) Participants must maintain common and reasonable standards of personal hygiene and organization;

c) Participants must respect the belongings of their colleagues, and avoid any contact with them. Guests who disrespect the property of their colleagues may be excluded and expelled from FEMUSC;

d) Participants must respect and support an atmosphere of healthy coexistence between all hosted participants and guests at the chosen locations;

e) The participant must carry their valuables, documents and belongings with them, and FEMUSC is not responsible for any damage and/or theft that may occur inside the accommodation;

f) Failure to comply with these obligations entails the termination of the contract, resulting in the immediate expulsion of the participant from FEMUSC 2022, with FEMUSC having the right to determine the participant’s departure from the event;

Furthermore, in the event that non-compliance with such obligations generates material or immaterial damages to FEMUSC or to the place of accommodation, the PARTICIPANT will be obliged to indemnify, pursuant to article 186 of the Brazilian Civil Code, the injured parties. In addition, the FEMUSC Institute reserves the right to no longer accept entries from such offenders in its next editions;

12. FOOD

12.1 – Participants of FEMUSC 2022 will have the right to food, as follows:

a) The FEMUSC Restaurant will open exclusively to serve students, teachers and the FEMUSC organization on January 16, 2022, at 11:00 am (for lunch) and will close on January 29, 2022 (for dinner);

b) Access to food will only be allowed upon presentation of the identification badge of the FEMUSC participant, being prohibited for non-accredited persons;

c) Avoid wasting food;


a) Participating/enrolled students, who during FEMUSC 2022 have their enrollment canceled due to non-compliance with the rules established here, will not be entitled to receive their Participation Certificate, will be immediately excluded from the FEMUSC event and meals, and since then they will no longer be able to participate in classes, rehearsals, concerts and any official FEMUSC activities as a participant.

b) Participants found in possession of or under the influence of illegal substances prohibited by law will be immediately expelled from FEMUSC and handed over to the authorities. Foreign participants may be expelled from Brazil;

c) The procedures and rules to combat COVID-19 will be mandatory for all participants, such as using a mask, distancing, using 70% alcohol gel;

d) The cases not covered by this regulation will be resolved by the Management and by the Organizing Committee of FEMUSC.