FEMUSC 2023: Pedagogical plan

FEMUSC offers two distinct areas in its pedagogical plan:

The International Festival has a professionalizing objective. Classes, rehearsals and presentations are aimed at preparing musicians for the professional environment.
Participants come from most Brazilian states as well as dozens of foreign countries. Teachers represent important musical institutions in Brazil and in the world, ensuring the highest artistic standard. Participants of the International Festival have access to classes, activities, concerts, accommodation, three meals a day and internal transportation. Classes and activities are available in over ten languages. To better serve its participants and cause greater diversity in teaching, the International Festival is divided into six distinct Teaching Programs, each with its own curriculum, prerequisites, and distinct selection process:

The Social Festival aims to enhance the musical experience of its participants, but without the pressure and demands of a professional environment such as the International Festival above. With few exceptions, participants and teachers come exclusively from the Jaraguá do Sul region. Participants of the Social Festival have access to classes and activities, but accommodation and meals are not offered, only a snack. Classes are taught exclusively in Portuguese, and the general objective of the curriculum is the musical enrichment of the future citizen. To better serve the population of Jaraguá do Sul and its region, the Social Festival offers classes in the following Teaching Programs: