Brazilian Popular Music


The Popular Music Program creates opportunities for the academic-practical development of young people dedicated to the future of this musical modality. A class of popular music will be offered in piano, drums/percussion, voice and body expression, electric and acoustic bass, guitar and electric guitar, and woodwinds with an emphasis on saxophone, clarinet and flute. The teachers chosen for this task regularly work with leading musicians in Brazilian popular music, and in their careers, demonstrate a clear determination to lead the quality of Brazilian music in all its variety. The Popular Music Program will have its series of daily concerts with small groups, chorinho wheels, regional, solos and opportunities for musical experimentation in various popular musical forms.

Requirements: Applicants must download a pre-recorded rhythmic and harmonic basis, and use it for their own recording, which must be posted on the internet in a known and easily accessible format (YouTube, Vimeo, Yahoo Video, among others). The link must be inserted in the application that will also require personal and bibliographic data. There is no requirement to read scores in the Popular Music Program, however candidates are asked to indicate their level of musical reading in the application for the purpose of class organization.

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